What is Loading?

Loading is nothing but the difference between the built up area & carpet area of the apartment or home Before 2016 or RERA Builder used to sell the properties on built up area Ex: Suppose the built up area of an Apartment is 1000 sq. ft. & the Carpet area is 650 sq. ft. Here … Read more

5 Steps Real Estate Success

5 Steps Real Estate Success 1. The Basics – Finalize your Market, your Services and your Funnel 2. Systems & Processes – Build your Processes & Systems around your funnel 3. Automation – Build Automation around your Processes 4. Scaling – Start scaling your automation & build a high performance team 5. Networking – Build … Read more

Why your marketing never works out the way you plan?

In this article I am going to talk about how marketing can keep you out of trouble. We will talk about 6 major concepts as mentioned below; The Fundamentals of Marketing Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing CATT Marketing Funnel Integrated Digital Marketing Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint Niche Selection This article will be useful for … Read more