How to Calculate Stamp Duty for Society Conveyance Deed?

Conveyance deed is nothing but Transfer of land Title from Builders Or Developers name to Society’s name

Suppose the Building or Tower consists of 75 Flats & Each flat is worth about 1 Crore
Therefore the total cost of the Building is 75 Crore (75 x 1,00,00,000) = 75,00,000,00/- i.e. Seventy Five Crores

Stamp Duty is 6%
Therefore Stamp Duty for 75,00,000,00 is 6% of 75 Crore = 45,000,000/- i.e Four Crore Fifty Lakh

Lets Consider the land cost is 30,00,000,00 i.e 30 Crore
Now the stamp duty for 30,00,000,00 is 6% = 18,000,000 i.e One Crore Eighty Lakh

Now to Calculate the Stamp Duty let’s adjust the Stamp duty value of Land & Flats

i.e 45,000,000 – 18,000,000 = 27,000,000

Therefore in this case Stamp Duty require for the Conveyance Deed is Two Crore Seventy Lakh Rupees

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